How to Get Your Audiences’

Attention and Keep It!

If public speaking has been determined as a person’s number one fear over death, then why would anyone want to learn how to do it? Because today’s employees must be multi-faceted in order to support today’s fast changing organizations and markets.



The main reason an employee blunders a presentation is because of his or her  lack of preparation. At CHUVA we compare preparing for a presentation to that of painting a room. The painting part is actually the easiest, if, all the hard work was done properly.

From taping off the trim to moving the furniture, to covering the floor, picking out the paint color, going to the store and getting all the supplies necessary. Without doing these things prior to painting you wind up with a big mess.

Are your employees making a mess when it comes to giving a presentation?


There are two aspects to packaging when it comes to presentations:  the actual components that go into a presentation and how your employees dress for the presentation.

Components range from frame the message to the collaterals used to support the message. CHUVA has created a system that will help your employees present like a PRO!

A very common mistake that employees make when presenting is that they do not dress the part. Think of a movie at the theater. Just prior to the movie, there is music. The music supports the theme of the movie. If a presentation is of great importance, and your employee shows-up dressed as if they were going to play golf, there is a disconnect. Are you employees disconnected from the message?


How your employees deliver a message is CRITICAL. Their deliver style must support the spoken word and support materials. At CHUVA we believe that we can’t actually help your employees work on their delivery skills until they own the material. Once that is accomplished, how your employee enters the room or stage, to how and where they sit or stand, to how they work the room or state, are just a few of the areas that we work on when helping your employees overcome their fears and learn how to get an audiences’ attention and keep it!

Business Impact

  • Develop an effective opening and closing.
  • Understand an audience.
  • How to organize a presentation.
  • Organize speech.
  • Use behaviors and values to impact an audience.
  • WOW an audience in the first seven seconds.
  • Utilize one’s professional image to impact the message.
  • Utilize impression-management tactics to support the message.
  • Communicate more effectively, clearly and persuasively.
  • Present ideas with passion, conviction and self-assurance.
  • Create a commanding presence.
  • Develop a personal style of delivery.
  • Use voice qualities, body language and body positioning to exaggerate points.
  • Effectively use technology to surpass visual expectations.
  • Handle unexpected situations during a presentation.
  • Capitalize on environmental factors.
  • Define the parameters of dressing for the audience.
  • Persuade an audience to think differently or take action in what they are “selling”.
  • Organize thoughts into words.
  • Increase self-confidence.
  • Respond, not react, to questions from the audience.
  • Manage fear and anxiety.