The Front-Line of Trade Show Marketing™


“The Front Line of Trade Show Marketing™” provides “PreShow™” training and “ShowSite™” programs to help organizations make the most of their trade show dollars.

PreShow™ Training Programs

In A Split-Second™

Attendees make decisions in a split decision in how they are going to communicate with your team members, or not. This program will help align your staff’s image and presence with your trade show marketing efforts. From perception to dress to image positioning, your team will be prepared for any business situation.

In A Split-Second™ is customized from the following programs depending upon the skill-sets of your team members, how and when they engage with your current/potential clients, your goals and objectives, as well as your time and budget. We can help you customize the perfect program.

Click on the each program to review the disciplines from that program. CHUVA can help you select the programs and its disciplines that are right for you organization! Click on the titles below to learn more about each program.

ShowSite™ Programs

CHUVA’s ShowSite programs not only play a critical role in drawing attendees to your booth, but they provide an excellent PreShow marketing campaign. CHUVA’s programs were created with your audience in mind and are not only extremely effective in creating qualified leads, but also provides a valuable business tool for your clients to use for years to come.

CHUVA has had attendees wait up to two hours to visit their client’s booth. We have even had a seven year stint where the attendees kept coming back year-after-year to see our coaches to learn more from the previous year!

We customize ShowSite programs according to your audience, goals, time and budget. You can see from our programs where we draw our ideas from. Contact us today so we can find out more about your needs!


Business Impact

  • Help to ensure that your sales team and staff is an asset to the success of your trade show efforts.
  • Develop communications styles to optimizes employee’s talents and skills.
  • Build additional marketing strategies to promote the company and its brand.
  • Create awareness on the way employees communicate at trade show.
  • Develop and maintain competencies and professionalism.
  • Increases employees’ performance.