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“Approach others by first extending a handshake, while simultaneously calling him or her by their first name, stating your first and last name, while announcing that you just started working with the organization and that you are on their team,” recommends Parker Geiger, CEO at personal branding firm CHUVA beyond.

“Just as you should wait for your guests to order before you do, you should also wait for them to take the first sips of wine and first bites of their food. “When wine or drinks are first served, always wait for the guest to drink first, then follow,” says Geiger. “The same applies to food when it first arrives at the table, wait for the guest’s lead. He or she should begin eating first, then the guests should follow.”

“Then, when it comes time to making small talk, “keep the subject about the other person… you might proceed by stating something like ’I know your title is Marketing Director, but what does that really mean?’” Geiger suggests.

Check your LinkedIn profile. Make sure your profile provides as much useful information as possible. Make yourself more marketable by including information in the summary section about what you do and how you solve people’s problems, says Parker Geiger, CEO at CHUVA Group. 

“You have to know yourself and be able to communicate who you are and what you know in a clear, precise manner. This includes being able to tell someone what behaviors and values you possess that make you a perfect candidate for the job.”

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“If you see someone breaking a rule, report it to the appropriate manager. “Addressing it directly can cause conflict,” Geiger said.

“You don’t have to be friends with others to work well with them; however, you do need to be friendly,” Geiger says.

To avoid trouble, Parker Geiger, CEO of image and brand development company CHUVA group, suggests building two Facebook pages – one for your personal friends, and another for your business associates.

“Particularly for introverts, when asked closed ended questions, he or she typically gives a one-word response,” says Parker Geiger, CEO of an image and brand development group.

Before pressing “send,” be sure to run your email program’s spelling and grammar checker, said Parker Geiger, CEO of Chuva Group, a branding agency. Then, he said…

“Identify where you’re going,” Geiger advises. “Plan a year ahead. Telephone or email people that you have read about them and would love to talk about what an up-and-coming person needs to do, which channels to explore and what the unwritten rules are.”

Employers are likely to check out social media when researching prospective candidates, so your online presence on every account — whether that’s Twitter, Instagram or Facebook — should be professional, says Parker Geiger, C.E.O. of the CHUVA group.”

If a person’s eyes are hidden, people trust them less, says Parker Geiger, an Atlanta executive image consultant.

“As an admin, one needs to gain as much visibility as possible,” advises Parker Geiger, owner of image and brand development firm the CHUVA Group. “One needs to…

The man, also a business coach, circled the waters of Geiger’s intellectual prowess, plucking morsels from the original business models that pertained to what Geiger calls “personal branding disciplines.” Had he realized then how hungry the guy was, Geiger might have been less chummy.

Your personal brand is simply your reputation. Everything you do and say produces an emotional connection with other people. Therefore, you should be in control of that to define how you want to proceed. If you don’t someone else will, especially on social media. It’s very vital…