brand positioning



Brand Positioning is when an employee has a business opportunity to showcase his or her personal brand to a specific audience. CHUVA created these three personal branding disciplines to ensure that your employees represent themselves and the organization effectively.   Depending on the situation and the participants, will determine which discipline an employee would utilize.

FXA Personal Branding Soundbites™ 

Employees are oftentimes asked, “What type of work do you do”? Typically, one responds with his or her job titles. This is not very exciting to the listener and is probably not very memorable. CHUVA created three ways to answer that question and it depends on the situation as to which one to use. We call this these the FEA Personal Branding Soundbites™.

Fundamental Soundbite™

FXtended Soundbite™

Advanced Soundbite™

Personal Branding Statement 

A Personal Branding Statement is not a mission statement or job description, it is a statement that authentically lets others know who your employee is, what they know, and how he or she works in a unique way that is distinctive only to them.

CHUVA utilizes several online assessments to measure behavior and those driving forces that helps your employees create a statement that tell others HOW they do things and WHY they do what they do.

Incorporating CHUVA’s Personal Branding Differentiators, allows your employees to clearly and succinctly communicate who they are in a written statement as well as verbally. A process the helps to build confidence.

RD Personal Branding Pitch

RD stands for Results Driven

A Personal Branding Pitch™ is not an elevator pitch! The phrase “elevator pitch” originated from the old days of Hollywood. If a writer saw a production executive or producer on an elevator, then he or she only had about thirty seconds in the elevator to “pitch” an idea.

The Personal Branding Pitch™ is not a speech or a hard sale! It’s a thumbnail of a bigger picture that creates a space for others to ask questions to learn more as well as a great way to make one more memorable. The secret?  It must be “Results Driven!”

Personal Branding Value Statement

A Solution Statement is a great way to highlight your employee’s skills sets on LinkedIN. It can either replace a Personal Branding Statement, or it can support it.

This statement would identify the needs in the marketplace of your employee’s field of expertise, and then provide a solution. This bird’s eye view helps others to “what” your employee does and how he or she differ from the competition.

Business Impact

  • Create a strong “FXA Personal Branding Soundbite™” that can be used as a standing statement.
  • Know how to create strong “FXA Personal Branding Soundbites™” for those impromptu moments to accommodate the audience.
  • Develop a Personal Branding Statement™ for LinkedIn’s summary page.
  • Know how to write  and adjust  Personal Branding Statements™ for resumes and BIOs.
  • Write a strong Personal Branding Pitch that is created for a specific business anticipated encounter with someone.
  • Know how to create, with confidence, Personal Branding Pitches for those impromptu business  opportunities.
  • Create a strong Solution Statement to identify strengths in a field of expertise.