The only Color APP of it’s kind!






in the business arena for your employees is color!


CHUVA created the Elemental Color Palettes to help your employees develop and maintain a professional image that helps him or her not only build a professional wardrobe, but to enhance their image positioning efforts.


When your employees wear colors that harmonize with his or her skin, hair and eye color and knowing which color communicates a specific message, is VERY important in helping them effectively position themselves in various business situations that call for different messaging.


Building a wardrobe starts with color. Your employees not knowing his or her colors will COST a great deal of money, time and frustration. Also, KNOWING their colors, will shave 50% off shopping time and reduce mistakes by 100%. In addition, they risk not “showing up” as his or her very best.




Each color palette consists of “digital color swatches” with a color name that can easily be understood so that it makes shopping fast and easy. Your employees will learn what accessory colors, including metals, best harmonize with his or her personal coloring.

This app reviews what hair color options are best for each Elemental Color Palette and provide application tips as well.

For women, the app will provide what makeup colors coordinate with each Elemental Color Palette and provide cosmetic techniques on how to apply makeup colors to enhance your employee’s professional image.


Here is a sample of a Water’s blue colors. When your employee is shopping, they simply click on a color to enlarge it so they can simply lies the garment on the color chip to see if it harmonizes with the garment. If the color does not harmonize, or blend in with the garment, then the garment is not a good investment.

The following outlines each of the Elemental Color Palette’s Color Concept. This will give a bird’s eye view of what a wardrobe should look and feel like.

Color Concept

Think warm, clear, and bright colors.  Think of a wood fire, how the flames are predominately bright yellow and red and almost transparent. Yes, there are some blue flames as well, but that is how nature mixes warm and cool colors; however, the predominant concept is warm.

Think deep, rich, warm tones from the earth, such as red-clay. This palette is great in that it contains bright colors like that of the leaves when the fall season first begins. But it also has muted tones, reminiscent of when those same fall leaves and have lost their vibrancy.

Think blue, cool, gray, and dusty. Imagine the mountains in the horizon and how the haze blends the sky and mountains as one. You can see a distinction, but they “blend” together. This palette has a soft richness to it.

Think vivid, sharp contrast between light and dark. Water is clear and crisp, like that of the colors that make up this palette. Think of water in a pool. Its clear water allows you to see right to the bottom.  Or consider the Caribbean’s clear ocean water, with a consistency almost like clear glass.